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La copropriété divise, 3e édition 2015

by Christine Gagnon
Éditions Yvon Blais ISBN: 978-2-89730-060-9
2015 - 772 pages.


Released for the first time in 2000, « La copropriété divise » is a comprehensive book on the condominium law that became a reference in this field over time in Quebec. Regularly cited by the courts, including the Quebec Court of Appeal, this book is a reference for lawyers, condominium managers, developers and owners themselves.

The purpose of this book is to present a global vision of co-ownership by making a comprehensive study, in an analytical and critical perspective of the legislation. It focuses on the part of the Civil Code of Quebec dedicated to co-ownership, but also to certain other provisions of the Code that may be relevant, like the rules on corporations or on sale of residential buildings or the law of obligations, etc.

The third edition of  « La copropriété divise » relates the many jurisprudential developments since the previous edition and reflects the evolution of the practice of co-ownership law. The book now includes an entire chapter on the phased condominium in all its forms and another on changes to the declaration of co-ownership.

The book also includes 60 cadastral documents prepared by a land surveyor that illustrate in a practical way, the concepts presented in the book. You will also find these plans on an USB drive included in the work.

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