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Codos, everything you should know 2008



by André M. Benoît, Yves Joli-Coeur and Yves Papineau
Wilson & Lafleur ltée, ISBN: 2-89127-885-0, 2008, 208 p.


All you need to know about co-ownership in a pocket book (english version).

  • Difference between private portions and common portions.
  • How are the expenses pertaining to common portions («condo fees») divided ?
  • May I change my flooring?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Rules pertaining to notices to attend the meeting of co-owners.
  • Modification of the by-laws and majorities required.
  • What can be done if a co-owner does not pay his (or her) condo fees?
  • The role of the syndicate.
  • What should be verified prior to purchasing a condo?
  • Purchasing a new condo or an already existing unit.
  • Amounts to put into the contingency fund.
  • … and many other answers to your questions.

If you wish to order this book, you can go on line or by phone 514-875-6326 or (free of charge) 1-800-363-2327.

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