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Publishers and libraries

GOVERNMENT OF CANADA The Canada Site is the primary Internet portal for information on the Government of Canada, its programs, services, new initiatives and products, and for information about Canada.

GOVERNMENT OF QUEBEC This government services portal publishes general information on the initiatives, programs and services that the government of Québec and other agencies offer to citizens, businesses and international clients.

LEGAL AID Every year, thousands of Québecers rely on some 350 legal aid lawyers for legal advice or to represent them before the courts. These experienced professionals
are responsive to their clients’ needs and diligently defend their interests

L'OFFICE DE LA PROTECTION DU CONSOMMATEUR L'Office de la protection du consommateur is an agency of the Government of Québec. It interacts with merchants to make sure that they respect their obligations towards consumers. Its involvement focuses on helping consumers make sound choices and on keeping consumers informed of their rights, obligations and possible recourses should they run into problems with a merchant.

CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION The Canadian Human Rights Commission is an independent body established by Parliament in 1977.  It carries out its mandate at arms-length from the Government of Canada. LA

COMMISSION DES DROITS DE LA PERSONNE ET DE LA JEUNESSE La Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse is an
independent body whose mission is to promote and uphold the principles set out in the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

THE OMBUDSMAN The Québec Ombudsman reviews complaints from persons, enterprises, groups or associations who believe that they have been unfairly or improperly treated by a Government of Québec department or agency or by an institution in the health and social services network.

CANADA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE The Department of Justice is a medium-sized department with approximately 4,800 employees. While roughly one half of departmental staff are lawyers, there are a number of other committed professionals including paralegals, social scientists, program managers, communications specialists, administrative services personnel, computer service professionals and financial officers.

QUEBEC DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE The mission of the Ministère de la Justice is to ensure adherence to the rule of law in Québec society and to preserve a credible and dependable system of justice in Québec in which individual and collective rights are respected and maintained.


QUEBEC BAR LIBRARYUse the additional resources of the Virtual Law Library of the Quebec Bar, which offers resources essential to your daily practice.

QUEBEC NATIONAL LIBRARY Created by the merger of the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec with the Grande bibliothèque du Québec (2002), and then with the Archives nationales du Québec (2006), Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) has as its mission to acquire, preserve and disseminate publications, archival materials and films constituting Québec and Québec-related heritage.

CARSWELL Since 1864, Carswell has been providing the information tools and resources professionals need to better serve their customers, and the Carswell name has become synonymous with quality. Carswell is a division of Thomson Reuters Canada Limited.

CCH Since 1946, CCH has produced information and software products that help customers take command of complex regulatory issues in tax, accounting, law, financial planning and human resources.

LES ÉDITIONS YVON BLAIS were founded in Cowansville, Quebec,in 1978. Specialized in legal publishing, they now publish more than 800 titles and offer various electronic products, both on CD and on the Internet. Among the authors, renowned lawyers and teachers, reputable firms as well as promising young lawyers.


LES PUBLICATIONS DU QUÉBEC "Les Publications du Québec" is the name of the publishing house of the Quebec government. Through their publishing and production team, their vast distribution network and full sales service, they make government information available across Québec.


LEXISNEXIS CANADA LexisNexis®  serves customers in more than 100 countries with more than 15,000 employees worldwide.  Across the globe, it  provides customers with access to billions of searchable documents and records from more than 45,000 legal, news and business sources.


WILSON & LAFLEUR Wilson & Lafleur Ltd. is a book publishing company of Quebec that edits and publishes books of law since 1909. You can order its products online.

Professional associations


Legal information

THE CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION The Canadian Bar Association is a professional, voluntary organization which was formed in 1896, and incorporated by a Special Act of Parliament on April 15, 1921. Today, the Association represents some 37,000 lawyers, judges, notaries, law teachers, and law students from across Canada. Approximately two-thirds of all practising lawyers in Canada belong to the CBA. 

LE BARREAU DU QUÉBEC To ensure the protection of the public, the Barreau du Québec seeks to forge bonds of trust between lawyers, governments and the public. In pursuit of that goal, the Barreau du Québec oversees professional legal practice, supports member practitioners, fosters a sense of belonging within the membership and promotes the rule of law.

L'ORDRE DES ARPENTEURS-GÉOMÈTRES DU QUÉBEC Founded in 1882, the Corporation of Land Surveyors of Quebec became the Order of Surveyors of Quebec in 1974. Its main function is to protect the public through professional inspection, training and discipline. It also sets standards of practice and regulations that guide members in their professional activities.

LA CHAMBRE DES NOTAIRES DU QUÉBEC The mission of la Chambre des notaires du Québec is to protect the public by developing and maintaining the quality and credibility of the notarial practice.

LE REGROUPEMENT DES GESTIONNAIRES ET COPROPRIÉTAIRES DU QUÉBEC The RGCQ promotes sound management and good governance in the co-ownership world. It protects the interests of owners as well as managers in this mode of living, but also ensures that building managers deliver services ethically.


CONDO LÉGAL is a web site specialized in Quebec co-ownership law.

CONDORESSOURCES.COM Condo Ressources is a free service offered to anyone interested in co-ownership.

LES SIGNETS DU JURISTE QUÉBÉCOIS A performing, easy to use and free search tool in Canada and Quebec law to help you find quickly the information that you are looking for.

Me Nathalie Léger, notary

What's new ?

  • Conference at the Chaire du notariat

    Pot-pourri sur les assemblées de copropriétaires, on Monday, January 15 2018, at 4h30 pm. a free conference by Me Papineau and Me Christine Gagnon, not. E., co-writers of the Guide de procédure et de fonctionnement des assemblées des copropriétaires. Inscription required.

  • Bibliothèque de Brossard

    On Wednesday January 24th, 2018 at 7 pm,  on the theme of what life looks like in a condo, Me Papineau will host one of the « Belles Soirées » of the Brossard Georgette Lepage library (in french).

  • L'Assemblée Générale Annuelle

    On February 17 and March 10 2018, during the workshops organized by the RGCQ, two days devoted to the AGA of the co-owners. Mᵉ Papineau will be hosting the 10th of March.

  • Grande journée de la copropriété

    Saturday April 14 2018 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Mᵉ Papineau will give a lecture at Laval University in Quebec City for la Grande journée de la copropriété.

  • Administrateur de condo, tout ce qu'il faut savoir

    A 2017 revised and updated edition of this book published in 2012 by Mᵉ Papineau is now available at Wilson & Lafleur.  


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  • Colloque franco-québécois sur la copropriété (sept. 2016)

    C’est à l’hôtel St-James à Montréal que s’est déroulé les 29 et 30 septembre dernier le colloque...

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